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Parallax Board of Education board + extras

This is a collection of items to make up a complete Parallax Board of Education training kit. The Basic stamp is a new BS2P processor which is faster, more memory and comands then the original Basic Stamp2. It retails for $79.99. The board is in mint condition (only used a few times) and tested before listing. Everything else is new except the USB cable I used with my camera a few times. Parallax retail value of over $190, not counting the cable and un-opened bag of electronic parts that go with the book. Book included with US orders only unless you want to add 1200 grams to the shipping cost., CDs contain lots of software for the basic stamp and data sheets for the extra chips. All chips listed on the Parallax site. They also have the differences between the BS2 and the BS2P processor. This is a good start and will get you past the book.  Total price $100 US    INCLUDED

1) What is a Microprocessor Book                             2) Board of Education processor board (USB version)

3) Boe Bot 4 X AA Battery Pack                                4) BS2P Microprocessor

5) Electronics Parts Kit for the book                           6) ADC 0831 8 bit A/D chip

7) LM555 Timer chip                                                 8) UNL 2803A 500MA Darlington Driver chip

9) 2- 5V mini Relays                                                10) USB cable

Shipping contentental US $10  International orders welcome. Shipping depends on location. Shipping weight 350 grams

Sorry only Paypal is accepted. Contact me privatly if interestted. I have a 100% rating on Ebay but only small time. I am in the process of switching over to the Parallax Propeller chip.


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I had bad luck a few times but if you really want it I can research it. Shipping may be more then many items.
no worldwide shipping...