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Question about this Transistor!

Well, I was surfing eBay a few days ago.. and came across an exciting deal..100 S9013 NPN transistors for $4 with free shipping..

Of course, before looking into the specifications too much, just scammed over and seen that it can handle up to 30v at 500ma..

But I seen that the "Absolute Maximum Emitter Current"  is -500 ma.


Now I'm just all kinds of confused!  Do I need a negative voltage to run this, or does it output a negative voltage? If I don't find a use for them, regardless, I can use them for like... arrow heads or something, right? American-indian style all up in this! :P


I'm just a bit worried now that I look at that, I don't want to hook up my Arduino and try pull some kind of power it can't supply. I've only worked with a few (9014 and 9015) because they came with my Radioshack Electronics Learning Lab (badass lab).


Anywho, thanks for at least getting this far in the post! :D. Still waiting for the transistors (guess they only shipped like 6 days ago from China, but waiting makes things.. well, seem long!) 

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Ohhhh, that makes alot of sense! Muchos gracias! I was a bit worried there, but for $4.. hell.


I usually don't like advertising, but that's a crazy good price, here's a link to the ones I purchased. They have a huge selection of other transistors too, and Voltage regulators.. up to 24V, 35 pieces for $8... free shipping (to my part of the US anywho) lots of LEDs with free resistors, oh just so exciting! All kinds of cheap prototyping goodies.

Ebay link

But anyways, sorry for the rant and thanks again! :) Saved me many hours of worry, I'm sure!:D

The datasheet has the convention of labeling collector current into the device as positive, and emitter current out of the device as negative. Just a pretty normal NPN transistor. Use it like you would any other.