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Parts: - DC motors 250W, of ebay - Tracks and wheels are from a snow blower (bought from a local hardware and machinery dealer) - Aluminium frame is from local … Read more

Planning my Robot


First up, I would like to apologize for talking about my website on here. I acknowledge that it is not the right place to talk about it.

Next, I would like to say that I have started with my plans for my robot. I have decided to use an Aruino system and have a controller that can be used to code custom paths.

Telescope, Takes Photos, Records (Security Camera)
Sp-D2 was built in January 2016. He was not motorized, but I have plans to motorize him soon. He was built by the Alliance of Droids and will be the template for … Read more

Me, Robots, & Everything

Hello everyone. My name is Liam Arbuckle, and I am an autistic 14 year old living in Australia.

I am creating this blog post to talk about myself, so you can understand me better.

I am the current co-leader of the Alliance of Droids (www.allianceofdroids.com), and I aim to help people living with disabilities to make their world a better place.

I love Star Wars (I have since I was 8), and I have built my own R2-D2 with my uncle.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this awesome community!

Hello There! I had previously worked on JARVIS which could process simple commands by identifying keywords but then I thought why not use some basic machine … Read more
     MDi #4: Mech-Dickel interactive number 4.      I started this project in 2015 (october/november), wanting to make a medium-sized robot. Functionally … Read more
Autonomo por ultrasonidos... y luz azul nocturna.
Rover1 (adaptación del primero)... con arduino nano micro. Se trata de un rover con orugas y dos servos de rotación continua. Dos sensores de ultrasonido y una … Read more
First independent walk after brain surgery (from arduino to PiZero) and porting to python. A bit wobbly and set to cautious mode so pretty slow, but shows promise. … Read more

Review: Kamigami Robots

At Maker Faire, I bought two 'robots': MiP which is really a pre-assembled robot which is more a toy than robot and a Musubi robot from Kamigami. 

I love toys and unlike many of you folks, electronics is still quite a mystery to me. So I like to buy kits when funds allow. I saw Kamigami last year at Maker Faire and I thought it a great idea. This year, they were selling them at a very attractive price (50 bucks at the Faire) so I bought one and it arrived in the mail this week. ( kamigamirobots.com )

walks around, steps up on a flat surface
Update Oct 8th: New video, new programming, new feet, new moves, nice soundtrack if you like banjos. Read more


New Rover11. Multiple sensors, 6 engines, rudders 6, 2 Arduino Mega, 2 video cameras Multiplexed Video 5.8GHz, 868MHz Data and we will expand ... With GPS, 3-axis compass, and much more. ..

All built reciclage Economic and materials ...

Project Moving forward step by step ... (Slowly).

Video... https://youtu.be/rEBjmGKCCwE

Walk around autonomously on any terrain
Using a
Hey guys, Long time since I attempted a legged robot. This will be my version of Bostom Dynamics RHex robot. I used polymorph to mould the whegs. My first attempt … Read more

LMR at World Maker Faire 2016

Above: Plenty of visitors all weekend long came by the LMR booth to check out our robots.

The robots and their makers are all safely home, and it is time to tell the tale of World Maker Faire 2016. Francisco put together a nice video that give you a feel for it.


Despite rainy weather on Friday, which made setup a bit soggy, the rain pretty much held off all Saturday and Sunday.

Swivels, lifts, and grabs.
Picked up a neat wooden robotic arm that uses three linked pairs of syringes as a hydraulic system. One pair swivels the base. Another lifts and lowers the arm. The … Read more
This is my new project Squidscout. It is a 6wd rover with rocker suspension (Rocker-Bogie Read more

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hi guys, after long break, video of our multi robotics system : robots are moving on LCD screen where can be any environment design ; NOT DONE YET, just first … Read more
line following robot; running on 72MHz ARM Cortex M4, stm32f303 (pin compatibile with stm32f103); as controll loop pid is used for basic position control; for … Read more
A collection of my astromechs
Hi everyone, I am currently making a collection of droids, for the project Alliance/Army of Droids, part of the Alliance of Droids. Here is what I have so far: 1. … Read more
Hi! After accomplishing the obstacle challenge I though the next level is to do it automatically.  It's quite a new challenge as it is composed by (at least) the … Read more
Hey to everyone. I am new to this and I love this site. I have always love robots for over30 years. You could say I am old school.well, here is one of my old … Read more
This r2 is built with the mission of helping non-profit and charity organizations. So far, this droid has appeared at Adopt-a-pet, the local church fall festival … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Guides On Making Star Wars Robots

Long time lurker, first time poster, so let’s kick this off as most do with a quick bit About Me (They still call it that, right?!):

I’m a long time hobbyist. Started out on some smaller projects when I was younger and, as they say, the rest was history. I mostly have films to blame for this: watching stuff like The Terminator (hence the name) and Star Wars when I was (probably far too) young fascinated me and I’ve kinda been hooked ever since. 

So! Onto my first post:

     What motivated this post was my review for the Pixy CMUcam5 Image Sensor.      Actually the motivation was some issues that I had trying to make an … Read more