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HI all Im still in the build for this one but have got a fair bit done. Im using reclaimed 12V drill motors with rehoused gearboxes. An arduino will be the brains … Read more
My vacations had started and I needed something to get me out of bed. Took me a day to build this little bot that plays The Dinosaur Game on Chrome browser. A … Read more
Hi :) May I introduce my 6 DOF Robot arm here? Mechanics: Its all out of laser cutted wood, steel and 3D-Printed Plastic (ABS) Motors: The motors are HDrive17s. … Read more
Hi everyone, I am currently making a collection of droids, for the project Alliance/Army of Droids, part of the Alliance of Droids. Here is what I have so far: 1. … Read more
Hello everybody, Today, i'm introduce you to my most important project, the Rover mK2 : I'm working on robot since i've 14 yo. Like you, i've start this hobby with … Read more
The ShopArm is a project that was started several months ago and is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The design and code is entirely open-source. Every plastic … Read more
It is a clock that tells the time
So, I am doing woodwork in my school. One of the projects was an acrylic clock, which I have almost finished. I used a laser cutter to cut it out and am using a … Read more


Our Droids

Our Droids are made as companions for people with disabilities. This post is the first Build Log in the series of building Sp~S6, our prototype Companion Droid (CDP).

Autocad file for laser cutting: goo.gl/uXnScY Read more
Hello LMR! This is my current robot project. It's a continuation of my build style, which boils down to this: put more on the next robot, but make it all smaller! … Read more
Hi everybody. I want to introduce you to my new project, it is a dev board based on the parallax propeller microcontroller. It is a wonderfull dev board for … Read more
Hi! After accomplishing the obstacle challenge I though the next level is to do it automatically.  It's quite a new challenge as it is composed by (at least) the … Read more

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Recently collected

Just continuing with my robot concept. The new robot has roughly the same form factor as my first KITtyBot but 3D printed parts instead of acrylic sheets and balsa … Read more
It Juggles a Ping Pong Ball with a Racket
Using a
This entry is about the quest to get a machine to juggle a ping pong ball.  I started thinking about a ping pong ball juggler 2 years ago. And it was around that … Read more
Been working on a building a quad walker probably for a year now. What started of a coding project has now ended up with me learning how to 3d model and building a … Read more

Stuck with Phoenix hexapod

I'm building a phoenix hexapod with MG996R servos, Arduino and Lynxmotion SSC-32U controller. (At one point I tried using another 32-channel controller, but decided to go with one that's officially suppored by Phoenix code.)

Walks around, lifts lid, blinks; currently random behavior.
Using a
Tiny Tin is a cute little bot in an Altoid tin. I built him just before World Maker Faire New York in 2014, but never documented him or posted much about it. Tiny … Read more
More Photos: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B04G4TcsmNNRVh Using: Read more