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A couple functions:1) Remote Control 2) Autonomous avoidance 3) Autonomous object retrieval (hopefully)
Using a
This is my Service Droid. Meet VADER,  the Very Advanced Droid Exploration Robot. Ok, I admit it, the name is a stretch but it was fun to come up with.  Everyone … Read more
Navigate around controlled via notebook
So this is Algebrio, it have 6 legs, 2 DOF each and is controlled by Arduino. Each joint contains an micro servo-motor controlled by Arduino Servo library. It's … Read more

Experiments with FlowBotics Studio

I was keen to give FlowBotics Studio a go after reading about it in the FlowBotics Studio App Competition.

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics


A robot explains about some commonly used security exploitation technics, such as: buffer overflow, race conditions (can be on multithreaded software or electronic circuit with logic), sql injection

Video :

It 3d prints!!!

Dear: LMR

Hello guys it is me Noah again and this is my first blog post. Just to let you know I have finished my 3d printer entirely. It got calibrated last night. I think I've been working on it 3/4 of a year and last night I got it calibrated after a long time of attempted calibration.

Greetings, Programs!     My son is into robotics, and wanted to share his latest creation with the group - meet "Volt".  This is version 2 of his … Read more
Hi All, I'd like to share the multicopter design I did a couple of years ago.  I was designing multicopter frames for a while and a guy who I was dealing with for … Read more

Rover 5 Encoder Feedback Loop - speed to encoder pulse duration conversion

To use the Rover 5 encoders to regulate speed, you have to be able to calculate the expected time between encoder interrupts.  Each Rover 5 motor runs at a max speed of 8500RPM.  At that speed, you will measure 3676 usecs between each encoder state change (high to low, or low to high).  That's the output of a single (A or B) encoder.  A quadrature configuartion produces changes at 2X the frequency.

This is a copy of the "spidy" robot that was published on LMR last Noverber by myblack60impala. Components:   Sparkfun ProMini   2 DFRobot Spiders   … Read more


Once, while I was learning electronics, some people requested me to write up so that we all can learn together. Better late than never, I'll do it now.

I've recently joined an engineer institute(BTech) after high school and Electrical and Electronics is one of the subjects here. So, i'll post according to my progress.

Hope you like it.

[PIWARS] Library for all Lobsang's features

I've previously been using multiple small libraries that I custom wrote for Lobsang's features, for example Oled.py to control the small oled screen on the back of Lobsang (it uses an SH1106 controller so I can't use the Adafruit library as that one is designed for SSD1306 controllers!), but now I have decided to put all the odds and ends of code into one big 'Lobsang.py' that is simpler and tailorerd to Lobsang's needs even more.

       Movies can be a great source of inspiration for our projects.      As a post-apocalyptic movies fan, I've waited anxiously for Mad Max: Fury Road. … Read more


There's all my comments gone? 

The innuendo contained in some of them, was the best I've ever seen.

Surely be very definition, innuendo can't be classed as inappropriate content.

Note: You can follow some projects some of the time, but you cannot follow all the projects all the time.

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                MDi #3 means Mech-Dickel interactive number 3. Well, it's not going to be something so interactive like Jarvis, but I hope I'll have much … Read more
I'm working on improving the stride length of the original BoB logic (four servo walk). I decided to add two hip servos and I hope I can get away without adding … Read more
I am currently developing an new robot - Neurono. The robot will be controlled by a custom build neural computer. The computer consists beside of some sensor/actor … Read more
Simply using a hand from an opensource robot called Inmoov and controlling it through the use of a glove and XBees. The full size robot of the hand can be found at InMoov.fr
4 years after making my balancing bliepbot, i planned to make a Johnny-five-like robot. I still had some parts from bliepbot: nimh batteries, parallax motor-wheel … Read more
Navigates via 3 IR Switches, Plays "hide and go seek", makes semi-intelligent course corrections, gives audio and visual feedback via buzzer and lcd display, remote controlable
Using a
I built this robot as an all-around robot to jump start my way into Arduino. I self taught myself everything about this robot from code to hardware and have taken … Read more