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I consider myself to be a tinkerer. My hobbies include metal working (machining/welding), woodworking, building and flying model aircraft, electronics, robotics (although new to this),  and programming (microcontrollers). I have taken some programming classes, but that was long ago and consisted of Assembler and Frotran 77 on a Vax Micro computer. When I grow up I want to be the supreme emperor of the know universe, but for now I will settle for building some interesting robots!

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Hi Don,

I'm new to LMR site.  I found it while looking for info about the pro-minis.  I love the idea of your board and would like to acquire severa (10).  Did you ever get them done by a board house?  If so, who did you use?  Was it expensive?

Thanks for sharing your work.  Look forward to chatting.