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Names chickenparmi, in dedication to the best meal man has ever invented, the chicken parmagiana.

My YouTubes: http://www.youtube.com/user/chickenparmi

My Emails: chickenparmisemail@gmail.com

My Websites: http://www.duino-robotics.com/

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My Twitters: https://twitter.com/JaidynEdwards


Producing a Video Course on the topic of "Arduino Robotics" to be pulblished by Packt Publishing later this year.

Core-Electronics blogger on all things tech

Member of RoboHubs Robotics By Invitation Experts Panel



I love making things, especially things that move. I have always pulled things apart and attempted to put them back together, only recently putting different things together to make new things!

Since the age of eight I have wanted to go to university and study Mechatronic Engineering, only recently have I actually started this degree, eleven years later. One part of my dream has come true, the next part is to work in the industry, preferably designing kits, but I love doing anything robot related.

Im a heavy YouTuber, frequently uploading videos to YouTube, showing my progress in learning how to use Arduino, projects I am working on and just general V'log's.

Thanks for reading the story of my life, may be sauce be with you, always.