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Studied Mechanical Engineering at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland. Now working as a Process/Mechanical Engineer in downstream oil and gas. Been playing with electronics from a young age and building robots or hacking robotic toys on and off for a few years. I must have a short attention span or too easily disOH SOMETHING SHINY... sorry where was I? Yeah, I don't seem to finish projects and I flit around from one to another as my mood and fancy takes me. I hadn't been building anything for a few years until April this year (2012) when I got back into the habit and now the ideas are flowing and I don't find I have enough time (or money) to do all the stuff I want to do (and yet I find time to write up my robot-related projects here, contradicting myself!). I'm loving letsmakerobots.com and looking through all the robots and tips together with the banter on the shout box. If I don't get distracted by something else I could see myself settling in here nicely.

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2006 collection of robots and robotic toys

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2007 update to my robot collection