Let's Make Robots!

Russell “OddBot”

I was mad about legos's as a kid, taught myself electronics and basic programming when I was 12.

I've been an electrician, technician, desktop publisher, 2nd class welder, fabricator and ladder maker. Thanks to LMR I am now in China designing robots and electronic circuits for DAGU. 

I am on LMR everyday to see everyones latest creations and to help if I can.

I have now created a support site for DAGU products where you can download the manuals, sample code and find links to product help on LMR.

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hello sir 

 i am a dong mechanicalengineering and doin stair climbing wheel chair as my final year project using this tri wheel mechanism.

i want to know about the calculations of the gears used. i will be very thankful to you for your help. his is my email id please contac me


Hey Russell, 

It's been a while, hello. I just wantted to know if you could vary orr liimit the output motor voltges in a wild thumppeer controller. Forexample, my batteriees are 7.2V,, but the mors are rated 2V, is there a way via programming to limit the current and voltage being supplied to the motors.