Let's Make Robots!

Peter “PeteH” Harding

Hi All

 I am a Computer Draftsman here in Perth, Western Australia and have been playing with PICAXE chips for the last year.  I have built on simple 'whisker' robot (sadly no more) and am now getting my 2 children interested in PICAXE and robotics.


We have challenged each other to a Robolympics event for Christmas 2009. Events to be decided soon.

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Well I have got my first chassis running around.  Just a step in the process of building the robo olympics robot.  At the moment no sensors as just doing simple tests to get timing right for 90 degree turns etc.  One motor seems to be slightly faster than the other so will reduce that ones timing a fraction more.


Certainly kept our dog entertained - every time the robot moved the dog freaked!