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Just a technology loving person that's watched computers go from the old DEC 11/34 system I managed in the 80's to mirco sized monsters that run our world today. Hobbies all over the place from my 69 Mustang that I've had since I was 16 to my online automated home (http://house.Protowrxs.com) that been online since 1999, to my daily job as CIO of a small City and even mobile robots believe it or not. I've played with robotics stuff for 15 or so years having sat on the sidelines for a long time in the early "2000's" with other hobbies taking over. Back for the moment building fun little things and learning more every day.

Some of my older stuff is still at http://www.Protowrxs.com/nolen/robotics for viewing and I need to update the site really, really, REALLY bad but I'm busy building instead of updating I guess.