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Plug in up to 4 servos - the servo wires will be extended through a single CAT6 cable
Now there is a clean and simple way to extend servo wires using a CAT6 cable. These CAT6 extension boards allow the user to plug up to four servos into the row pins … Read more
Little robotic platform for my AI experiments
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Update 2/5/2014 Finished wiring (see attached schematic) and wrote test codes for the servo, ping and accelerometer. I am still waiting for the 74LS04 and L293D … Read more
Makes food that requires heating and stirring. Saves recipes for later playback.
Hi alll, We've been working on a robotic cooking machine.  This is something designed to automate a class of foods - think stir fry, curry, chili, etc.  We're … Read more
it just drives around and shoots Nerf bullets at people
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it took me while to work out how to use the cheapo motor driver, but once i did it worked pretty good  once the remote is turned off / goes out of range, it will … Read more

Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot (Updated)

Hi all, I'm a big fan of Dagu's Mini Driver board, and having realised recently that its 5V voltage regulator could provide up to 1A I've put together a tutorial which shows you how you can easily use it to build an affordable Raspberry Pi Camera Robot that you can drive round using a web browser on a tablet, smartphone or computer.


Anyone have experience with HY-SRF05 (blue board) and picaxe28x2?

Im newbie in robots and picaxe, so to enter in this world i decide to make my first robot with picaxe28.

The problem is i cant put the robot working i think the problem is with the srf05 because the robot don t detect any obstacles.

the code i use is below:

(thanks for the member who make this code)

start here robot ultrasonic sensor

Newbie here

Hi every one i have been member for a while now and have finally collected all the parts needed to complete fritz start here robot.

Every thing is the same apart from im using a 28x2 picaxe instead of the 28x1 picaxe,also using the ultrasonic sensor pictured below (in attachments instead of the SRF05.

i have followed the walk  through on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66  for the SRF05 sensor and translated the wires to my sensor as followed:

Walk around and goes backwards in curves if it detects an obstacle.
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UPDATE NOVEMBER 29, 2013: He made it. The Insect Bot Mini is now available in DFRobot.  Get your own Insect Bot Mini kit for … Read more
Eventually autonomous with dead reckoning, IMU, avoidance, self charging, etc
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Rover 5 Basic Power Wiring Question (With Spider Board)

Hello All!

 I've just purchased a bunch of parts that I hope to turn into a working rover. Before I start wiring things up I've been looking for some clean pictures on how to get started. I found this image:


This is the "Start Here Robot on a 6 leg hexapod chassis. Simply, modification of the Fritsl code to allow for turns.
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 After building the "Start Here" bot I wanted to create a walking bot of some kind. I was looking for biped robot ideas on “Youtube” and quickly realized that … Read more

Demo of a Conversational Robot that Learns by Listening...

I have been working on this for the past few months, basically, its a conversational learning AI.  I've tried to figure out how to explain it...best to watch the video.  The logic based stuff is a few minutes into the video.

At the core of it, the bot learns concepts by listening to people and remembering what they say...

Increase torque or reduce noise in DC brushed motors
By default, most Arduino pwm outputs are set to about 490Hz or 980Hz. These frequencies work quite well with small dc brushed motors but can cause unwanted noise or … Read more
After reading about the awesome stuff people have done, I decided to share my modest creation with the community. This is a differential steering robot that can be … Read more

Venus - public venue display robot

The Venus robot is a 125cm (4.1ft) robot designed for display at public venues. The base is an adaptation of my BigBot robot base and uses the T'REX robot controller combined with a 9inch Android Tablet for human interfacing using the touch screen.

Explorer robot with camera 1/3 inch and pan-tilt controled by radio control
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***Project completely rewritten*** Version of January 28   0 - ONCE UPON A TIME... (A BRIEF HISTORY) This is my first project, a explorer rover with robotic claw … Read more
Basic obstacle avoidance
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  Primary School Project Uses Scratch 1.4 and Python to control the GPIO pins as inputs or outputs The power supply is a 11.1v 850mah 20c Li-Poly into a power … Read more
Update march 30 2014 I've added a mini wide angle lens to my Raspberry Pi camera board. I managed to attach the lens to the camera board with a small piece of … Read more
Remote controlled telepresence rover
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RalphBot has been in progress for about 3 years now and has gone through several revisions as I have had time to work on him. He started out as a quadruped bot, but … Read more

IR Beacon

I need some hints for building IR beacons a robot can use to find home.

I found some blogpost on PIXACE but would be very thankful for schematics, parts used in relation with arduino code :-)


Thanks for any hints.

2/19/14 - full 6-motor control1/31/14 - Arduino Nano, DK Electronics 4 motor control board, and IR remote are all functional.1/25/14 - End Effector Testing is … Read more
A long time ago (15 years to be precise) as an undergraduate I messed around in a robotics lab and even participated in a robotics competition in France. Te revive … Read more

HC-06 Bluetooth Module To Arduino Uno

I bought recently one HC-06 Bluetooth Module and i want to connect it on my arduino like a remote serial to send the data from arduino to my pc via bluetooth. I put some image about the wiring is this right? I upload two of the bluetooth module Front and Back and one of the wiring. Please Check them and tell me if is correct
uArm is a 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, inspired by the ABB PalletPack industrial robot arm <a style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; … Read more
Line Follower, Ultrasound collision avoidance, Streams Video
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  Ok first a little something about the name :) Thought about some fancy name but after that profile picture it reminded me of a Roman Chariot so it got baptized … Read more
Follows a predetermined path now. More coming
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More information, pictures, and videos will follow. The Valdez family is my kids' introduction to building robots.  They are works in progress, and I expect the … Read more
Information on the Picaxe 28 project board
I was working on my LMR robot and I made this Picaxe 28 information picture for my upcoming robot article. I modified this picture to show the ports and mine has my … Read more