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This tiny LED bar features 12 bright LEDs spanning the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue, violet, pink, warm white, and white). … Read more
remote control, sound effect, shooting with laser and IR, detect IR, control electronic applicants
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Before going on developing the Home Explorer, I have to make a battle tank with shooting capability for my son...because I promised him several months ago. The … Read more
Tracks the sun and moves a solar panel
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This is a solar tracker that I'm working on.  It's a stationary robot that will keep a pair of solar panels perpendicular with the sun so that they can charge … Read more
For now it draws the shapes provided, eventually it should cut them too - actually does do cutting now :D
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Hi all,  As OddBot suggested on my blog I have created a robot page for this thing. I will update this page with more pictures schematics, code and video as soon … Read more
For sale is the AGV PCB only with no parts on the board. This AGV PCB is the one i used on my AGV. It is designed for making a AGV using a GPS ( the EM406a) and a … Read more

PIC to Ligicator - Serious noob here

Hey all, ive just received quite a few componants tho i dont know what most of them do, i am learning about the datasheets of each peice that i have tho, i just need to know a few things and any support i can get to get this thing rolling...

Processors i have:

uM-FPU coprocessor (V2) // PICAXE-08M microcontroller // PICAXE-18X microcontroller //PICAXE 28X2 microcontroller


my goal is to interface with the program called "logicator" so i can see the code and learn from it and eventually code my own output

i have:

Picks up things with a robot arm
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    I made this CAD in Google Skechup after I had an epiphany. I thought this would be a really cool idea, and would give me some good experience. Here is how it … Read more
persistence of vision
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  A persistence-of-vision robot. Small 'bot built into a CD case (photo with cover off). It roams around, searching for a black tape line (kinda like a … Read more

Burning the Arduino Bootloader with your Arduino as the ISP programmer

I noticed that the Arduino 0018 software included the option of using an existing Arduino as a programmer for burning the bootloader onto blank ATmega chips.Below is my Arduino Nano configured as per the instructions.

This sounds like a great idea but I am having trouble getting it to work in practise. Usually I get this error:

  Hi, this is my robot "Rhinoceros." Why Rhino? Because he looks like an animal, such as massive.    Read more

Coming up next: Hammer and Head

So, my next robot project has two robots: Hammer and Head. Hammer will have a hammer of some kind and Head will have a big head. Hammer and Head are going to have some fun together. Well at least Hammer will have fun...

Here's a list of updates to help with page navigation (if it ever works):

And now on to business:

Use an Arduino GPS Shield to Fix position,altitutude,time,date........
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GPS:- The Complete Guide to Global Positioning Systems. Blogged Here :- Guide to Global Positioning Systems.   Check also:- Fundamentals of a GPS guided vehicle … Read more
is a robot that analyzes the environment(is a robot that analyzes the environment)
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hi this is my project is a robot that is already finished but I'll upload the parts when I have time I was in the (European campus party) with the robot and … Read more
Question :- what on earth is  New Mega improved Mr.Tidy doing in Switzerland ?............ ..... To cut a long story short .....OddBot  has done it … Read more
This is Part II of How to build your first robot - tutorial. you can just take the cool navigation-code in here and have fun with it, or you can follow the whole … Read more

Does anyone speak Latin around here?

I am soon to get another tattoo and I want it in Latin. This will be on the back of my neck, just above a tee-shirt and just below a proper button-up shirt with a collar. Obviously, I don't want this to happen.

I have had this particular phrase with me for a while now and I stuck it into a simple online translator.

Performance Feedback Revision (this didn't translate so I went to performance observation revision.

and I get:

It will follow objects with certain colors and in its way to the object it will avoid any obstacle and it is also remote monitored by a pc (it will have and rc mode)
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Hello to everyone this is my first robot here in LMR but i haven't finished it yet . I call RMOAR because its letter is one of its functions it means : Remote … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound, makes funny moves and sounds when the obstacle is too close
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UPDATE you can see the stupid moves i was talking about. In the first clip but the quality is not good(taken from my phone). Second video shows it navigating around … Read more
  Here it is. Chess Robot V2. Version 1 had many problems that i tried to fix with V2. I also wanted this new one to be simpler than the other one. So then came … Read more


LMR on an oscilloscope.

I used Chris Meighan's ScopeShapes program to drive my oscilloscope from my PC sound card.

The program was loaded with a DXF file created by Armin Müller's eleFont program.

This was a fun day!

Line dancing, gun slinging, barfighting Hill Billy Bot
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Since I'm waiting for a new controller and my old bot somehow did what I wanted I'm starting something new (well, kind off). In the end most of the things I tried … Read more

List of good online shops for bot parts

I was wondering where online most of you go to shop for parts? Can we construct a master list of important websites here?

This list is from the URLs I've gathered from the various tutorials:


A while ago i was looking at some websites which helped beginners build robots. I came across two prominent sites and checked their Start here(first) robots. I found that LMR had an easier to build start here robot which i could have fun building. But there was one major problem, i could not solder. The next day i got some parts for my start here robot from Techsupplies UK and the same day, i went to a local electronics store and bought a cheap 4$ solder iron and 45gram solder with a 1$ de-soldering manual vacuum pump and a stripbard and some male header pins.

Detects objects at close range. Can be used for object tracking.
Now with video of the sensor being used as a Mintvelt inspired object tracker! This sensor is a short range obstacle detector with no dead zone. It has a reasonably … Read more
This is Mark II of the Whirligig project http://letsmakerobots.com/node/16995 code name SEA RENDERING (it’s not actually a code name, just an anagram for my name … Read more


Just what is the point .................. it impressed me anyways.

3 stage burnout, and what exactly is the point of the parachute............Duh

Why did i find this........... well i bought 4 rocket motors for 2 CHF (RRP 18 CHF) could not resist, dont think mine will be so effective though.

Wireless camera plus lcd screen

Ever since I have seen the land warrior system ( http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/futureweapons-land-warrior.html ) I have been thrilled and wondered how hard it would be to make a simple version for airsoft or paintball.

I just thought I would put a camera on an airsoft gun, helmet, or  something and then it would relay it to a screen preferably on a 2.5 inch screen so it is on the eye and portable. 

I would like to know if the wireless camera could keep up with the movement of someone walking for a half way decent image.

My equipment would be -