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Reviews for components, components for reviews, this is the deal:

Who are the LMR Reviewers

"The readers are not holding the items in their hands before buying, and they do not have the option to try them before buying. Reading an article from someone like themselves, who has had this chance, brings them closer, and that is the purpose of the LMR review."


  1. Most robot builders loves to get new components, kits etc by mail. And specially when it is free of charge.
  2. Manufacturers and vendors who makes and sells this stuff, wants robot builders to talk about their stuff; Show it, debate it, use it, inspire people to buy it, and build Google ranking around it, and their companies.
  3. Everyone loves to read an interesting review before buying.

We have put these things together, and have conceptualized..


--== The LMR Review ==--

In short: Vendors can get stuff reviewed on LMR. Members can sign up to be reviewers. No money involved, but vendor sends reviewer samples to be reviewed, member keeps sample afterwards, reviewer has access to spots on LMR that gets seen by thousands of robot builders, so review gets exposure.

This is how the whole world could work, however, there is a problem: Not everybody who THINK they are going to write a review or build a robot, end up getting to it. Shipping out free samples to people who never use them is a waste. For everyone! This is a returning problem for vendors.

On LMR we understand that vendors have a business to run. We want to make sure that if you send a member something free to be reviewed, then nice pictures, a good review, and exposure to thousands of robot builders is what you get in return.

As a vendor you have 2 options:

A) Let the folks behind LMR assist you as much as possible (all for free). Simply drop a mail to fritslyneborg at gmail.com, let me know what youød like to achieve in terms of PR, on what products. We (the volunteer team that runs LMR) will take it from there. You will be guided, and forwarded reviewers addresses. All you will have to do after this, is send the agreed sample(s) to reviewers, kick back and watch the incomming traffic to your site.

B) DIY: Check out this list of people who wants to do reviews. Find those you think will make great reviews for you, and take contact to them, and make the deals yourself. That is cool by us :) If you'd like a more detailed list, just let us know - We have reviewers addresses and more, ready for you to copy-paste.

In option A) The team behind LMR selects who is to review what, and we do it "completely unfair":

Selection is not based on "everyone should have something", or "This person needs it more than the other". Based on members past posts, estimated skill level - or lack of same, beginners get beginners stuff, people with kids get kids toys, advanced nerds get the complicated reviews etc. Everything "unfair" that we can think of, meaning that this is about making great reviews, not free gifts. People who have made stuff that draws many visitors, whose material get's on other blogs etc, are more likely to be selected, and thus rewarded for what they have done.


A piece of hardware donated to an LMR member is guaranteed to make a great review, or to be returned to the vendor if not.

That is "the contract".

If that contract is broken, the member will be black listed. We trust members to do the reviews that they sign up for.

If the member is unhappy with / unable to use the recieved part(s), or something else get's in the way, vendor and reviewer will sort out what to do about that!




VENDORS: If we are not already in touch, and you would like to try out option A): Please send fritsl a message, and we will take the details from there. (fritslyneborg at gmail.com) We talk about what you'd like reviewed, how much you want to be in control yourself / how much you want us to do for you, and you are helped to get a great review of your product(s) on letsmakerobots.com.

MEMBERS: Make sure to create some nice material (like robots, tips etc) on LMR, that is the only way to a better chance. Asslicking will not do, nor will promises of future projects do. By submitting "stuff" (funny, cool, small, large, anything that is you) we know what you stand for, and that is the only way.

Then enter your own profile -> Edit -> Reviews -> Check & fill out! :) When listed there, we will get in touch with you, if we have something to be reviewed by you. We will ask you first if you have time and is interested. If yes, we will send you the stuff 100% free of any other charge than that we expect you to get back to us with a review of what you recieve.




Feedback appreciated, this is something new we are trying :)

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I just built a whole 3d printer this way no way I can't jump on this

just started hope to be pro soon.


Check this out: http://www.rugcommunity.org/page/robot-reviews

Also, it seems like a nice site to visit regularly! http://www.rugcommunity.org/

Someone brought this review to my attention, I thought it would make a good example on how to write a review for a certain product. With a funny tone, the reviewer manages to captivate the reader's interest and presents all the features of the product, also comparing it to other similar products, shows the advantages and sometimes the disadvantages of the reviewed product.

Got your attention? Guess what is the reviewed product! It's the new Neato VX-11!


This is a win win for the manufacterer and receiver. The manufacterer earns advertising while the receiver gets to do something he or she loves, BUILDING ROBOTS!