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2 DOF Balancing ROBOT



This Robot makes use of the 3D accelometer as 3D tilt sensor. Tow separated PID controlling algorithms were implemented to work in the same time. Each algorithm control one of the servo motors. the plastic panel at the top of the platform should be in level and parallel to the ground. These servo motors will try to keep this panel in this orientation incase of tilting the platform right side, left side or inclination.




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This is interesting stuff and would love to see a video of it working.

But is it rely a balancing robot? The base is fixed and it can’t move around. It sound more like a automated leveling platform than a balancing robot if you ask me. But this might be just a test rig before you start the work on the robot?

You state that “Tow separated PID controlling algorithms were implemented to work in the same time” How is that accomplished using an Arduino? If it were a Propeller microcontroller, then yes. If it was .NET based and you had separate threads for the axis, then yes (but still not parallel). Can you elaborate a bit on how that works compared to a regular sequential programming?

I agree with you about the name. Maybe it is incorrect.

The PID algorithms were implemented together in the Ardunio. Definitely they are not working in parallel. But they are working separately and working in the same time (if wan to be more accurate there is a time difference between the actuations of the two motors equal to the servo instruction delay)

 i will upload the videos soon.