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Airsoft Robot

Chases people

This is a current work in progress that is waiting for a few parts.

   The goal for this project was to make a robot that could go after people with an airsoft gun so me and my friends could play around with it in my yard.  Also the turret on the back will be able to be remote controlled or just go find people autonomously using a tempature sensor.(Or atleast that's the plan for now.)

   For driving, the bot will be 100% autonomous.  The bot will navigate by two ping sensors on the front of it that turn to the sides to scan if an obstruction is in its path. Then the robot will turn to the side thats clearest.  It will do all this by using 1 of the 2 picaxes.  Also the base is a Ford remote control F-150 truck.

Very blurry so I will have to get another picture but this is what will turn the pings in front.  The pings will be mounted on the X servo horns.

  Then the turret will use the other picaxe.  For the aiming there is a lazy suzane that pans from side to side using a home-made servo, and for tilting the gun there is a standard servo.

   The outside of the turret so far with th lazy suzane on top and 3 key switches in back.

The inside.  The hole in the middle is for the shaft of the homemade servo.

The airsoft gun I was planning on using got a stripped gear so I have to get a replacement gear or a replacement gun =(


This page will be updated with more info and more pictures once there is more done.

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Am I correct in assuming this used to be a Nikko truck? I am working on converting an older Nikko. Did you replace the steering servo, or was there already something useful in there? Mine had an 'analog' servo with 6 wires, that I replaced with a servo I still had lying around. Unfortunately, the servo... attachment thingy I made is not perfect yet, I need a bigger one to get a sharper angle when steering.

This truck isn't a Nikko but still has that same steering servo.  This servo has 4 wires coming out of it in one group and then two going strait to the motor in the servo.  I am currently just using these 2 wires to turn the servo all the way from side to side to steer.  This may not be good for the motor/servo/the gears but it is only used for short cycles.

Ah, well I'm glad I didn't buy a newer toy for this build then. I had no idea about the insides of this one and no real knowledge of r/c stuff, so for me it was quite a shock to find out there was no "normal" servo in there.. I was hoping to use most of the existing electronics for my robot, but ended up ditching everything except the engine.

ps. Sorry for not replying in the proper place, I'm new to Let's make robots, and the forum works slightly different from what I'm used to.

That servo was a shock for me too.  You said you ditched the original steering servo and tried another but the other one you tried was to weak.  Maybe you could try putting wires going strait to the motor in that servo so you could just drive it from side to side like a geared motor.  Or possibly yours is like mine and already has wires running to the motor.  Thats what I am currently using to steer and it works fine.

The servo's power was enough, but since I couldn't fit the old attachment to the new servo, I had to make one from what I had. I used a servo wheel, but the diameter was too small, resulting in steering angles that were not sharp enough. I made and installed a better one yesterday, steering is just great now. I tried with the remote control; basically all I have now is a remote controlled car carrying a computer. The motorcontroller and new servo will interface much easier with the pwm channels on the computer than the old hardware. I plan to try writing my first robotics program somewhere this weekend. It will be simple; just moving the steering and turret around.

If you're curious, you can find out more about it here : https://sites.google.com/site/theheadacher/robot

I plan to write some more about replacing the steering motor with a pwm servo later too.

You've got a nice project going there.  There are two things I will mention/suggest though.  One is that those Sharp sensors are great and easy to use but do not work as well in sunlight so keep that in mind if you plan on using your bot outside.  And second is that if you get a chance you should post your bot on LMR. 

As I mention on the site, I am unsure about the sensors, and I still have to experiment a lot with them. I need something that enables me to "see" things like chairlegs and such when using it inside. I may be able to do this with smart algorithms on the image from the webcam, but would like to have a double or even triple check, and try to figure out which reading is the more reliable one. That's all future stuff though.

I might place the robot here too, but first I think I'm going to get it to do something :-). This weekend, I'm going to try controlling the servos from the computer.