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Another LMR Bot Clone (ish)

Simple object avoidance

UPDATE 24/1/11

New video added of the thing actually working.

I could spend forever tweeking the code, but at least I know that it does what it's supposed to.


This is definitely a work in progress, but I thought I would put pictures up before actually testing it properly. The video only shows the neurons flashing.

The treads are rubber, and the paint I used is flaking off, so as soon as it gets to run around, all the yellow will come off :( So working video will follow.)

It's basically a simple object avoider (or it will be when I've got the code sorted).

The "Brain" is not a Positronic one, but more of a Neuronic one (although, at times, it seems neurotic, to me). In keeping with fritsl's request for flashing lights this year, I've used fibre optic cable to simulate the neurons flashing. The idea is that when it encounters an object, the neurons will flash (random red and blue) to represent the brain thinking. (lol) I may even try and get the correct hemisphere to react depending on which way he looks !

I've had lots of disappointments with this, but won't bore you with all of them. Notably, the resin I used to represent the formaldehyde, I added too much colour too, so despite using a high power green led buried in it, it doesn't glow as well as I would have liked. There are over 50 fibre optic cables buried in the brain, which was the maximum I could fit in the stem, but could have done with 4 times that amount.

As soon as I've got the code sorted, I will post a video of him, hopefully, doing his thing.


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Though your programming may be basic, your build looks great!

Would you consider creating a walk-through of how you made the resin brain with the embedded fiber optics? I don't think we've seen that on LMR before.

Thanks for the encouragement, IG :)  Although, if I took close-up photos, it would show up my bodging :D

I don't mind doing something like a walk-through, but I neglected to take photos on the way through. It's very basic, anyway. I'll cobble something together. 

flare, yes you're right. It will be a very simple bot, and will trundle along until it meets an object, then look left and right, compare the distances, and turn towards the clearer one, and on his merry way. That's the theory, anyway. Being still very much a newbie, the coding may be a challenge, but I think I may have it right. Can't test it today, got to go visiting (doh!).

This looks really cool! Just out of curiousity, what are the thought processes it runs through when encountering an object? Does it come up to the object, notice its there, then look around, and whichever direction has no obstacle, it goes that way? Just wondering

Woot! Can't wait to see this guy running around.
Totally reminds me of watching 'Lost in Space' reruns as a kid =)