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Ant v3 - Micro Tracked Robot

Seeks out tinfoil balls!

This is the reaplcement to Ant v2, almost the same specifications, has newer SMT memory and more SMT parts and is .5" smaller all around.


This is a retired robot as I am currenlty moving to a newer MCU platform (AVR) on Ant v4.

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I need links in your postings - links from one robot to another, so I can track which is before and after etc :)

Looks like you make some really cool work!!

What kind of links? They go in this order:



Ant V2

Biped Walker

Hexapod (not posted)



Ant V3



Ant V4

NXT Tracked bot

Micro Robotics UAV's (not posted)

"What kind of links?"

Have a look at .. say this .. and see at the top in the text how stuff is linked to, making it easier to relate and navigate etc :) You are making web for people when entering. Links are making it better :)

OH; We are going to make some automated links and stuff, it's just not ready yet.