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nothing yet, soon it might walk

A.P.O.S.T.O.L. is short for Armoured Prototype Of Systematic Takeover Of Land. It doesn't make much sense, but when me and my robotics group were thinking of a name this seemed like a good idea.

He is a Hexapod. Or he should be one when he's finished. For now it's just one leg and alot of brains. He will use intellibrain board as a main platform becouse we have 4 of them in robotics clubs, and we can't buy expensive boards, and diy arduinos don't have enough pins for everything. It will use 3 arduino severinos (2 of them are finished now), to control the legs, and each will do trigonometry calculations so the main board will have to do less.

Plan is to make it walk, and then add a bunch of sensors and some "AI". The biggest problem was servo control. I solved that problem today, now the biggest problem is getting servos, we need strong ones so it can carry everything, and they are quite expensive (30$ a piece for 20 motors isnt much, but 33% tax+customs, and last time when we ordered stuff the charged tax and customs for double the price of the products), and we don't know when we will be able to afford them if the club doesn't pay for them.

The leg is made from polymorph for now, but final version will be made from plexy and iron parts, we want it to be able to climb trees. Joints will probably stay from polymorph. It's awesome stuff for prototyping, but you all know that allready.

Breadboard is used for now just to wire up the power, later it will have a regulator board for only power regulation.

I don't know what else should i say about this, so i will just post some pictures here. I made a video too, but it was upside down and i don't have any editing software so i will record another video tommorow probably.

Top view of arduino

arduino from bottom. Wire is there becouse i didn't have the tools to drill the missing hole when i was soldering

Arduino sideview

Batteries, brain and one leg.


Update, 4.11.2010.

I made a video of A.P.O.S.T.O.L. writing LMR with pen attached to his leg. I am holding it becouse the base of the leg is just made for testing and doesnt hold it firm enough so sometimes the base moves instead of the rest of the leg.


Thank you for reading.

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Man this one is fast on the draw , well impressed by the speed of the LMR challenge.

Good to see the PolyMorph work too.

Thank you for your comment.

Polymorph works great, the biggest problem is to remove it when i make mistake.

I was planing on using your technique to colour the polymorph, but i have one question before i do that. Can i ever change it back to the original white colour?

As you are mixing in color to the polymorph I would be amazed if it was possible to remove it.
But then again I have seen Gareth do some amazing things before. :-)

... photoresist. :)

Nice job so far.

Nice work on the PCB. What method did you use to make it?

I am making a Hexapod too, just waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive.


One of the people in the robotics club goes to school that has huge lab just to make pcb-s, so he made it there with photosomething, i don't know the english term.

What kind of servos did you get for your hexapod?

I am gonna be using the MG996R servos, they are very cheap ($10 each) and have a torque of 10kg/cm.

Here are two robots on LMR that use the older model the MG995:



That are very cheap servos! Do you know a place I can order 20 of them and get free shipping? =D

I bought mine from Ebay ( 4 servos for 50 AUD including shipping ), watch out for the clones though.

That is more expensive than the shop i found which charges 30$ for shipping of 20 servos, your way would cost 20$ more. I'll search a little more when i get money to buy it.

What are the clones? (I know what a clone is, but what does it do on ebay?)