Let's Make Robots!


Roams around trying to avoid objects via ultrasound

This is AR-DEE, my first approach to  robotics and electronics in generall.
It uses a Arduino and a Parallax Ping)) to avoid obstacles.


***********************************UPDATE 1; JAN 17th 2010***********************************

First of all I'd like to thank everybody who is a part of LMR. You guys have no idea how many happy
hours I spent reading through all those great artikles. This is truely an inspiring community and I want to
show you what you inspired and taughtme to do. Although I did have some experiences in coding, pretty
much everything else about robotics I've learned by reading though these pages...

My goal with this project was to create a modular platform for my future robotic experiments.
I wanted it to be easy to (dis-) assemble and still look as nice as possible.
I don't know if I really succeeded, but at least he is up and running...
(And sometimes unfortunally  still running into things)



AR-DEE's body is based on three 4mm plywood for the platforms (I'm only using two for now)
and four 4mm brass bolts and nuts to hold them together. The third platform will be added,
as soon as I get some longer bolts. Evrything else is fixed using dubblesided-foamy-sticky-tape.

The diameter of the platforms is 15cm, although now I think I should have used 16cm. Anyway...

Here are the structural components before and after the paintjob:

before the paintjob

  after the paintjob



The main parts of the head are a Parallax Ping))) and a "Modelcraft Top Line Mini Servo".
To connect the two I used a 3 pin connector, salvaged from an old computer fan and a wine cork.
I hollowed out the cork to accept the connector and glued them together using some hotglue.
I painted everything black using a marker and stuck it on the servo using foamy sticky-tape.

Parts of the head before assembly  The finished

The finished head looks like this:

AR-DEE's head  side view of head



The H-bridge is based on this great tutorial and consists of a L293D and a couple capacitors.
Because I had some trouble with the original images, I made a diagram of my H-bridge using Fritzing
for all electronic noobs like me...

Foto of H-Bridge   image of H-bridge using 'Fritzing'

This is the layout of the bottom platform with the motors, H-bridge and the 7.2V battery pack:
The second image shows my"third wheel" aka "caster" I made out of half a wine cork and a
so called "furniture glider"

bottom layer  caster

And a final shott of AR-DEE in all his fully assembled glory:


 I will upload a movie of AR-DEE as soon as I finished debugging the code.


- clean up the wires
- build a 5V regulator
- make him "talk" using his piezo buzzer
- build in some cliff detection
- make use of the third platform for some random gadgets

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Hey Gonzo, congrats on your first post, and first robot!
Looks like you've got a nice tidy platform for experimenting, looking forward to the video =)

Hey can you post/email some more pictures of how the arduino and servo are connected to the breadboard.. im workin on this project and i am now stuck.

Nice look. I like the wood and brass elements.