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Arduino Torso Robot

move its arms and torso

This is a robot that I made with an arduino uno and some HS-55 servos. The top is a little broken and thats why its makes that sound. I may add some sensors, and I will definitely add a servo on the botton to make the waist move. Hope you like it!

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Ehm... I don't think servos should make that noise :)

the top servo is broken

the top servo is broken

Weakest servo to down and strongest up. And upper servo, change axis for more moves and twist.

Did you hack those servos? Agreeing with Gabe about the sound :)

Cool nonetheless, looking forward to your next update. 

the top one is a little broken.

Ah that makes total sense :)

I dunno 'bout the sound of that top servo...

(I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin')

The top servo is a little messed up, but still works.

So you are saying that there is some kind of problem with the top servo? --Or am I mistaken?