Let's Make Robots!

ATP(arduino tracked platform)

avoiding obstacles

This is a test platform for me entering to robotics.

at the moment there is only tracked chassis,gear-box twin motors,arduino,breadboard . soon I add the  GP2D120 and l293d motor controller and I will program it to do something.

********update - done .

simple obstacle avoiding just to test the platform. 

movie added.



This is my work shop I assembled  



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Looks like you have some prior electronics experience...  I've been considering getting a hood as well, I don't want to inhale too much of the lead based solder fumes.  Got me thinking I could put something like that together with off the shelf stuff pretty easy.

And where did you pick up the Tamiya plate. by chance?  I've been looking and haven't found yet.

Look forward to some video!  Happy Holidays! 


I got the Tamiya plate from pololu.

also I soon will post a tutorial on how I made this hood. 

Why is there a "cage" around your work area? That table is too clean, its missing a pile of junk on it ;).
I very much like his neatness!! It looks like the cage is a fume hood... or somethin

Correct, the black tube at the top is the extractor, there's a PC case fan in the middle =)

Nice bot Mickey - I love that Tamiya plate, so convenient.