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pull things with intelligent traction control

What will it do?

- Try to pull a heavy object for a given time or distance

- RC with driving aid (Hybrid)

- Maby long range with a trailer (extra battery's)

- Maby some other ideas I get from you...

About the first video: This is the first autonomous pull it ever did! It did pretty well, not as good as manual RC but above expectations. I tried to simulate a pull in the code. Start with a little bit of power to tention everything, Build up the power till it starts to roll, floor it and go!

The video also demonstrates whats wrong; the nose jumps a lot. Looks cool but doesnt go anywhere. Thats why you need traction control and some tilt sensing technique. Traction above raw power. 

And how will it do that?

- With encoders at the back wheels

- An arduino

- A 20A RC speed controller 

- Ordinary traction control 

- Some things i havent figured out yet such as, line following sensors, an internal amp meter to measure power, distance measuring sensors and tilt sensors

- With help, A self learning traction system. 

- Maybe some other techniques I get from you...


What works right now:

Servo steering

BEC Power from the speed controller for the arduino and servo. Only 1 battery needed and no extra circuitry!

Potentiometer Driving(running behind it turning knobs...)


What problems occured:

- the battery is flat after just one pull like in the video! Maybe because the battery is old, maybe because of the amps drawn when it is almost stalling...


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Sounds like an interesting project, but I'm going to have to gently point you in the direction of the rules, which state that you shouldn't post a robot project until at least some hardware has been assembled, and preferably a photo or two has been taken of said progress.
The best thing to do until you get to that stage is to edit this robot page, and tick the 'draft' button at the bottom. When draft mode is activated you can continue to edit this project page without it coming up on the LMR frontpage, and thus avoiding the wrath of any of the proper mods (not really wrath as such, that's reserved for people who write in txt/leet). When you've got some pretty photos for us, or even better some video, you can 'undraft' the page and let your new robot make a solid first impression =)
In the mean time, the blog you've already started is a good place for people to comment on your ideas and concepts thus far.

I have read the rules, but i dont have a camea right now. I will make a picture with my phone in a minute..

But you are right 

 Is this better?

Right now it does two things: calibrate the steering and drive back and forth  with a pot

That clears up the Tonka, but not your Avatar. What is it? A Horizantel Owl with Rabies? Or maybe an Owl with Rabies in a Hotel?

Its an owl which took to much drugs.

Edit: A news reading owl 

Much better, even a low-res photo goes a long way here on LMR - we're a very visually oriented group I guess =P

Those are some solid wheels! How rubbery are the tyres, i.e. do they get good traction on smooth surfaces?

The rubber is rather hard. Very like those old style lego tires. The newer ones are much softer. The traction on heavy clay(what we have around here) is about the same as on a wooden floor due to the profile of the tires.

Check the new vid i just uploaded!

What the hell is that? 

Looks like you are ready for some RC tractor pulling!

I already did.. And i won! It was a bit unfair, because my opponents were lego and knex pullers. The lego one had 4wd and a compressed air turbine, but it trashed all its gears and melt itself...

So now i am making it even better! looking to make a challenge one day against an nxt bot to test manoeuvrability, pulling power and intelligence.