Let's Make Robots!


Roll around in the near future.

This is BARM, my work in progress robot.

BARM stands for Blue Autonomous Rolling Machine.

Beautiful isn't he?
He would be alive right now, but he needs a 330Ω resistor snd some wires.
As you can see, the "chassis" is made from popsicle sticks.
Here are some more pics.
Blurry "Majestic" view.
Close up.
Wheel UBER close up!
I will probably be finished next weekend!
Comment please!

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First Post!

Man, you may not think so, but that is a very neat robot. In both ways. My first robot..ermm.. like it had so many taped wires sticking out of it and all that. Anyways, cool! I'm surprised nobody else commented. I think you should add some kind of shell, but I've noticed "cases" feel too limiting.

btw: macrsweetness 

oh no the wires aren't in here in these picture

right now they are, but idon't have time for pictures

I haven't used any resistors for my servos, just a little piece of wire. Also, those servo wires that they sell at HVW Tech are good, I got about 5, but I have since run out. :(
Extra Frisl points for the sticks

ha ha i never even noticed that. yeah fritsl does use those sticks alot

Haha my robot couldn't move one of his wheels because of a bad soldering job

I told my parents he had polio XD