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Beat Bot

Autonomous robot that roams the world looking for places to jam...

First and foremost I would like to thank Fritzl for coming up with this masterpiece in the first place. If it wasn't for him I would have not gotten into robotics at all. Yes this is my first robot, but I have been an electronics nut all my life, so I figured I was up for the challenge. Overall it was the most enjoyable 60+ hours of work I have done in a while. Never ran into too much difficulty (Except for the fact that I'm from the US so shipping was a nightmare, guess that's why things ended up costing $300) Now working my way through the code, deciphering bits and pieces, changing things here and there. (Yes that is the tune to funky-town)


Looking forward to making some beats of my own, as well as fine tuning the navigation portion of the code. Might need to get the faster motors for the treads, this things rather slow. 


Overall I hope you enjoy my take on the iconic Yellow Drum Machine, and I look forward to posting future robots and projects up here!














The entire body structure of the robot is made out of plexi-glass. I wanted a sleek/futuristic look. Most of the parts are held in place with hot glue and zip ties (just in case I need to remove something in the future) 


The speaker is mounted to the plexi, as well as the pager motors and the whole unit is mounted to the center section with the SRF05. I used bolts with metal standoffs to add to the aesthetic value of the piece. I'm working on adding volume control to the speaker because right now the thing is WAY to loud. Also working on moving the mic to pick up less motor noise.



Everything else is mounted to the base piece of plexi-glass. The Picaxe 28x1, the sampler board, the extra motor driver, the two tread motors and the bass drum motor. 

Everything is attached to the plexi-glass via zip ties, so I can easily remove any component if I need to later. 

I color coded most of the wires and they are breadboard style so I can easily take to bot apart if I need to. Some soldering and heat shrink was needed on the motor driver an sample board. 

Looking into getting some different color treads. Maybe not the yellow kind, but if they had something in red... :-)






























 Any comments, or suggestions, let me know! 


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looks good , and a sturdy base , good work

Very well designed base. And it looks like you have achieved what you set out to do with the futuristic style.

extremly well done

Very nice!!

I think you will have problems with the plexi-rod for drumstick, and possibly also for the antennae, which I persume is made of brass.

i recomend aluminium, all focus on weight!

i hope you get it funky - Pop Muzic! :D


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Perhaps you havesome electronics project that you can submit, and inspire :)