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The Beetlebot

move forward and sense walls with it's antennas

This robot uses two SPDT (single pull, double throw) switches, antennas, motors, and a battery pack. The antennas are connected to the switches, and so when the antennas hit a wall the relays then reverse the left motors direction until the switch is released (not touching the wall). Hope you enjoy!

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Vidio and pictures more details please ,

sorry, i was not able to do that much at the time, adding it now.

looks like it works well . do you have some clear close up pic's ?

sorry i dont

Can you post a schematic for it? Talk about the componets you used to build it? Very cool :)

There are some good schematics for this type of Beetlebot here http://makezine.com/images/12/beetlebot.html and there is an instrucatable here http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Robot---The-BeetleBot/

Awesome :) I've been collecting quite a bit of info on Beam Robotics...much appreciated Sir.