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Big Eight (disasembled)


Update: using parts in another robot!

this is my first robot. very simple. sings "jingle bells" and dances.



;First Code
high 4
pause 1000
low 4
pause 1000
high 0
pause 1000
low 0
pause 100
high 4
pause 1000
low 4
pause 1000
tune 1, 7,($7C,$79,$79,$39,$79,$79,$39,$79,$40,$75,$77,$F9,$7A,$7A,$7A,$7A,$7A,$79,$79,$79,$79,$77,$77,$79,$37,$00)
goto main

right now only one both motors work. the motor drivers are ULN2803A IC from mouser. The gear motors are GM7s from solarbotics. the wheels are from my rc plane that my dad crashed. :D

Update: he fell apart! geting a better brain and motor drivers. it will be a line follower/ Maze solver robot.


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Looks interesting and very season appropriate :) How did you mount the wheels onto those motors?

two layers of rubber tubing did the trick.

thanks for the comment. i appreciate it! :)

any one know where i could get a sharp ir sensor?

In Canada we use www.robotshop.ca but there are others like http://www.emartee.com/category/Sensor/c. Try searching large sites like digikey.com i would assume they carry them.


Thanks, that is what I needed!

Regarding your question here:


Sorry, but I do not understand schematics.

Thanks Frits!  I figured it out from the video. :D