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hi guys! i'm working on a project. it's a biped (two-leg robot). i think the animation(click on the image) shows the most but.. that on the top is a hard disk platter on a fast spinning motor. it must act like a simple gyroscope, keeping the robot straight.. i'm not quite sure, if it's gonna work, but i'll try :) i have all the parts and i have allready build the"body", but i don't have a torx screwdriver to unscrew the platter :( so till i find one i have to imagine only what will happen :) any ideas? please tell me, if you are sure, that it's not gonna work. why? 10x!

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/me gets an idea :P

im thinking of mostly the same, but instead of 2 legs, 2 wheels...

il prolly ad some fysical switches to make it manouvre like this.

not sure what the colision will do with the gyro, maybe knock it over, or tilt it with makes it go faster/slower?

Check this link. If you scroll down to "Self-standing Gyro Crawler" there's something that might interest you regarding this project.

It has to legs, and keeps it balanse with a cheap-and-easy gyro. I noticed this in the description "allowing it to go forwards or backwards depending on how far into the body of the fan the balance is attached". Wouldn't that mean that if you attach a servo that move the gyro in and out on the axle, you could controll its motion? If you make it rotate to the right for 90 degrees, then to the left for 90 degrees, then repeat this. -Wouldn't that make it "walk" forward?


Just another thought by/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Interesting thought! :) But I think it would only make it stand and turn one direction, then to the other.. Still with more little moving things, something interesting could be done, I am sure! :)

Just hope it is not windy or something, it will be easy to tip over.. and when tipped, it will go KAtJXZASa!!uuuiiiiIIIEEEng!

well yeah... jansen's sculptures are really beautifull, but i'm not quite sure, that i have to start with legs like this. they aren't easy to build, but probably it's not so bad idea. the problem is, that i can't fix the distance of the step once i made it.. i don't know.. but thanks for the idea ;)

Have you considered Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures, his mechanism for “beests” may be a key to gaining stability of walking due to the fact that its mechanism is built around a lurch-free motion (like the axle joining two wheels on a car). I haven’t seen a two legged version, but I’ve seen a four legged solar-powered kinetic horse sculpture that walks superbly. It's certainly not a million miles away from your diagrams and may very well work with your spinning top thing.

See: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv7xv2iX0zQ



yeah! this is a great idea! 3 legs will do it much better! well, i don't think that on the pic is what you mean, but when i saw it, the first thing what i was thinking about was the MECHAMO - inchworm (which i have). it could be much better, but what i want to build is a BIped. i was inspired from a noob in the bulgarian robotics forum, who want to build a humanoid. he deffinetly won't finish his project, but i was thinking on an easy way to keep bipod walking. and yeah, i can use pads, 3 legs, 4 legs, but what i want is that on my first picture a two-small-foot robot keeping balance. i still can't find a torx screwdriver(for the hard disks) and i'm going in hollyday soon, but i'll inform you when i make some progress. and what is about the 250 uS? why 250?is it not depending on the weight, speed of spinning, distance between the legs and so on...?? i know it will spin but i think some pendulumon on the right place will do the job. for example:


p.s. don't laught - i made the animation on paint. i'm too lame for 3d or flash...

I thought that it was quite safe margin for success, because even if it immediately fell over... it would still spend at least 0.00025 seconds falling over, so you are guaranteed success. I don't know about the pendalum - the picture i was trying to part had a second counterspinning platter to negate the forces of the first platter. - but the only way to be sure is to build it 

what "paint"? mac paint, ms paint, gimp?


ms paint + Easy GIF Animator v3.02 for the GIF animation
Pretty cool that you put that together in Paint.
that's nothing(8 frames only). see the GIFs in this page(under the pictures)! that was hard, believe me!