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Biped walker with 3 servos (Dead Duck Walking)

Walks the walk
dead_duck_walking_and_tricks.bas2.38 KB
dead_duck_walking.bas1.32 KB

For the sake of it, I wanted to see if I could make a really simple biped - and this is what I came up with :)

I thought it was really fun to do, much more than expected, I can recommend it :) if I can find the time, I would love to do some other versions of this kind of simple moving creatures.. a couple of servos, wood, glue, Picaxe, back to basics, good fun :D

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LOL. (The use of the battery pac as a counter balance works realy well Happy Halloween)

simple and awesome! I would try contacting Disney so that they could use your design to make walking donald ducks or any other characters!

If it walks like a duck... it must be a Halloween decoration?

Very fun robot, Frits!

Nice video - I like the new format, however, I do miss the audio of you cursing in Danish like your earliest videos :)

NICE!! :) 

I love fritzl robots. I wish he had more time for them. Maybe we should pay him more

Great little robot Frits,simple and very well documented as always. Thanks for posting :)

Yes you are!

aaa haaaa haaa backfire :D