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Biped walker with 3 servos (Dead Duck Walking)

Walks the walk
dead_duck_walking_and_tricks.bas2.38 KB
dead_duck_walking.bas1.32 KB

For the sake of it, I wanted to see if I could make a really simple biped - and this is what I came up with :)

I thought it was really fun to do, much more than expected, I can recommend it :) if I can find the time, I would love to do some other versions of this kind of simple moving creatures.. a couple of servos, wood, glue, Picaxe, back to basics, good fun :D

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also from youku, haha~

still wondering what servo he used.

I really liked this 'bot, so I cloned it, but based on AVR/Arduino since that is what I have and know.

I posted a short video at



Thanks for sharing your design, and all the other inspiration on these pages.  I am new to robots - this is my first build.


That's a really nice job! Well done, I hope you'll post it as a robot here on LMR, and also include your code. It looks like a very nice Arduino port of my PICAXE basic, I think know that a lot of people are asking to see that :)


Thanks.  I posted it as a robot at


This I s brilliant!!!! I've always wanted to make a bipedal and this one doesn't look to hard!!!

Im gonna  take borrow this form of locomotion. I think i'll try to make a humanoid out of it :). Oh! And if you wanted to use the least amount of actuators, one could've used a custom geartrain and a single dc motor. The drive train would work by moving a leg to the corresponding direction the motor is rotating. If it rotated more one way, the biped would turn. 

"if you wanted to use the least amount of actuators, one could've used a custom geartrain and a single dc motor."

Actually, no - if you read the code, you will see that there is a great deal of time-tweaking done - individually for each side.

Looking forward to seeing your project :)

hi please could you watch this video, i am making this robot and i have come across this, is this a problem or does it really matter, when the right servo is in the air, the middle one is flat against both of the servos, but when the left servo is in the air, the middle servo is diagonallly touching both the right and left servos, watch the video to understand, either comment on the video or back on here, thank you, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZg50gkjmBM

Hi, as you can read in the rules (and please, I have been writing to you a lot about this), never start a topic line with the word "Help". Thank you.

Great thing you made, and posted a video - makes it a lot easier to help you, awesome :)

You are posting your questions all over: On Youtube, Picaxe forum, and in various posts here. Please stop doing that, only ask on the project page, thanks. (Please do not ask people to answer on YouTube - if we start doing that, it will be very confusing for everybody)

OK.. to the question: The 2 small sticks has holes. These should be closer together, then the middle servo would not be that loose. But does it matter? Well, you find out - that is how we all do things: Try and error, test and try.


i dont understand, where is the project page, i thought this was the project page plus i dont understand whats wrong with asking for help?