Let's Make Robots!


Roams and avoids obstacles via ultrasound, looks around, plays little tunes, flashes LED, beeps when it backs up
Tubs006a.bas14.82 KB


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I love how the box has a DECORATE ME sticker ;) Listen to the box and color it decorate!!! Great start! I love everyday items being repurposed for robots.

Oh yeah. I'm thinking flames! ;)

The box made the build very, very easy. It's thick enough that I was able to cut holes for the switch, led and rear wheel (using a caster wheel I found in the garage) and install them by snapping them in place, as they are meant to be (I'll take better pics tomorrow). For the rest (batteries, board, speaker) I started by mounting things inside cleanly with double sided tape... Then after changing things enough times I figured 'heck... it's a box!' and now everything just sits in there without being mounted in any way. I'm and endless tinkerer. That's why I'm in love with header pins and jumper wires, and why I like the box.


awesome bot. does it run?

Yes, it's a functioning robot. Avoids obstacles, plays a lot of different noises (mostly 8-bit inspired), backs up and beeps and has some random behaviors like looking around, stops, narrow turns, etc...

I attacked the code at the top.