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Cat Toy

Navigate around via ultrasound
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0203090928a.jpgHuge thank you to who i was able to learn most of this.


I am working on a basic tracked robot.  Using an arduino, motor shield, tamiyia bulldozer chassis. other parts and pieces. it will have a laser to drive the cats nuts. i have built most of it but have no idea how to program it YET.


 I don't think this will ever be finished, i already have a new set of tracks to see if i can make it have a trailer, or just a longer wheel base. who knows...

Big update: added the code i "wrote" borrowed, hackesd etc.... rebuilt the chassis, servo "head" works. i think i will build a better design. i still dont know why the motor shield has problems with the motors not going in reverse, but that will take time.

VIDEO will be available when i have cleaned the design up a bit.

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I was making a cat toy at a friends house this weekend

just two servos controlled by my picaxe and a laser pointer mounted on them.

but the poor cat was getting paranoid and acting all weird when we had messed with him a bit using the laser pointer, so we scrapped the idea. would've been good fun watching him go nuts with it though 

Don't forget to add video once you have it programmed and more information and what all you used. Click on the information section when adding or updating. It can be a little hidden. Keep up the great work!

what type of motor shield, I am thinking of doing a similar project. 

adafruits sorry i lost the track on my building needs. but i am back now.