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Chaos beetle with video

Robot navigate around via ????

Hi guys,

I would like to introduce you the first robot of my son (Michael). He is nine years old and he often helps me with my robots. This is very simple robot. He make a great noise. 

Michael worked for the first time alone with soldering iron. This was great.




 This is the address for people what do not see the video :





And here are a few photos:






see you later...

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Looks very cool!

The video is private though - can you unlock it so we can view it? 

What program????

With what program you look (Internet Explorer or Mozilla or ??).

I always read your site with internet explorer, but the videos only with mozilla. I do not know why I can not watch videos with internet explorer?

Here's the link: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AiUjjg7KJE"


Thanks for your reviews. Michael is very happy.

Make it "Share your video with the world" (that's us).


 Choice of browser has nothing to do with it.


I have done! Thanks

Terrific robot.  The buzz sound is a great feature.

 If you sharpen the "feet" it could be a Roomba style floor sander.  Get rid of that pesky wax buildup.

Steve K.