Let's Make Robots!

CNC Router

cuts things out of wood, plastic and soft metals.

This is my cnc router. I built it by following the book/plans from buildyourcnc.com. I'm very happy with the results. I've still got a few modifications left to do on it. For instance, I have new acme lead screws for all three axis, limit switches and control switches that I haven't added yet. So far I've only cut out a few parts from MDF and plywood. I have a few large hdpe plastic cutting boards that I route into robot parts as well.

- close up of gantry


- computer, breakout board, drivers, power supply


- breakout board, drivers, power suppy


- router


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Pretty nice build, oh I wish I had a garrage :)

Now you only need to add a 3D printer and a laser cutter to your workshop to be able to build almost anything ;)



Yes... that would be awesome! :)  I do plan on building a 3D printer in the next month or so.  I see you've started a Prusa.  That's the direction I'm leaning as well, although I'll probably go with a kit from MakerGear or something similar as I don't know anyone local with a printer.  After that, I need to find a good diy laser cutter...

... I guess any US guy is kind of local to you, at least you don't need to ship overseas :)

True, shipping is something I take for granted.  I guess that's one of the issues 3D printers as a whole can help to alleviate.  Exciting times...

That is one massive machine!
Looks sturdy and well built with a proper router and not just a Dremel.
Great work!

Thanks!  I have plans to upgrade the router mount so that I can hold just the main motor housing.  That way I can mount the router without the attached base.  That should cut down on the weight the z axis has to support.  It will also give me some options for designing a better vacuum attachment.

I like it ! Video in action is a must :)

I posted up a video I took the other week.  It's not the best, but you can get the general idea. :)