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Crawling McGregor

Crawl around, line crawling

This is just a strange thing that crawls around using its "arm". My ultimate goal is to add CMUCam3 and get the thing to follow some objects by crawling towards them. Locomotion is veeeery slow and suffers from bad traction of the arm. Initially I did use the claws that come with NXT kit as the end of the arm but they had zero traction so I decided to use the rubber wheel instead.

And yes, I do realize that in the title picture it looks like the robot has a serious hard-on :-D



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Good idea with the voice sample, except that it'd use alle your memory.


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

I think that with 256 KB flash memory and 64 KB ram there should be room enough to squeeze just a couple of 8-bit Arnold samples in there :-).

Great moves! Maybe a rachet on the rear wheels - that could keep it from slipping back when the arm is airborn. Or maybe a second arm! Excellent robot -

This migh be some inspiration - its one the size of a coke-can - you can throw it and it unfolds and starts crawling away

 Damn, you cat is mellow ..

Awesome link! Actually my robot was inspired by a co-worker talking about doing a terminator-arm-robot :-).

Maybe I should look into that second arm idea... it would be kind of cool!

Maybe the robot should also say something like: "Sarah Connor, you will be terminated!"

The cat is like HUH!
That is really cool looking!  If you had 2 arms you could make it look like a person crawling.  Could be a great prop for Halloween.
Yes I will definitely look into making another arm. Since the NXT brick only supports 3 motors, I will need to make an I2C motor controller first I think - but that would probably be fun - in a way :-).

It sounds to me like the front motor actually hits the ground before in the fully outstretched position. That can't be good for the plastic casing, I'd presume. 

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

It's just the crawling wheel hitting the table/ground, and anyway I think the motors can endure quite a lot of torture since they were designed to be used by (evil) kids :-)
I just realized that it is in fact slamming the motor into the ground. Oh well... if it breaks it breaks :-).