Let's Make Robots!


Navigate around via ultrasound or controlled by bluetooth

Inspired by this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Strandbot-a-solar-arduino-powered-RC-motorize/ Autonomous walker, based on a model of the strandbeest. This unit runs on 20rpm 6 volt motors and walks real slow. On the other hand, it's very silent. Due to it's sweeping sensor it can run autonomous, but it can also be controlled with a bluetooth enabled device. On the front a small speaker, connected to a voice record and playback chip; when it runs into something, it does a Uh-Oh :)


Things still to work on:

- give it a paint job

- give it additional light effects

Update 140414: 20 rpm motors replaced with 100 rpm motors to give it some speed. Had to rebuild the center peace because of the length of these motors. New video available.

Update 210414: Gave it a face!


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Great work! I wonder if these will take off like BOB did around here...

Is it able to walk up an incline?

Yes, it can. My guess is it can take a 5% incline without any problems. It just can't walk over obstacles (wich isn't surprising for a strandbeest :) )

That is awesome!

That is COOL.  Its movement really has the creepy thing going.  It kind of reminds me of a spider or a praying mantis eating a bug...




Wow this thing is great.  I have never ...never...never... seen a robot that moved like this.  Its just great.  Thanks for sharing some food for thought to be found here.