Let's Make Robots!


Navigate around via ultrasound or controlled by bluetooth

Inspired by this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Strandbot-a-solar-arduino-powered-RC-motorize/ Autonomous walker, based on a model of the strandbeest. This unit runs on 20rpm 6 volt motors and walks real slow. On the other hand, it's very silent. Due to it's sweeping sensor it can run autonomous, but it can also be controlled with a bluetooth enabled device. On the front a small speaker, connected to a voice record and playback chip; when it runs into something, it does a Uh-Oh :)


Things still to work on:

- give it a paint job

- give it additional light effects

Update 140414: 20 rpm motors replaced with 100 rpm motors to give it some speed. Had to rebuild the center peace because of the length of these motors. New video available.

Update 210414: Gave it a face!


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Wow this thing is great.  I have never ...never...never... seen a robot that moved like this.  Its just great.  Thanks for sharing some food for thought to be found here.


That is COOL.  Its movement really has the creepy thing going.  It kind of reminds me of a spider or a praying mantis eating a bug...



That is awesome!

Great work! I wonder if these will take off like BOB did around here...

Is it able to walk up an incline?

Yes, it can. My guess is it can take a 5% incline without any problems. It just can't walk over obstacles (wich isn't surprising for a strandbeest :) )