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Cubasaur: My first Sumo Robot!

Pushes another robot out of a ring

My first Sumo robot! A somewhat last minute build so I could compete at the National Robotics Challenge as a College Freshman. I am too old to do the tactile maze :( and did not have a maze for non-tactile practice, so I built a Sumo robot.


I came in towards the middle of the pack (11 robots), not bad especially since my robot was the only scrap sumo at my level. Its main weapon was a spatula, lifted by 2 servos. I made two smoke makers with copper tubing, nichrome wire, and fire proof fabric. The smoke makers broke as I was filling them up though, causing me a lot of trouble. Baby oil spilled everywhere! The LEDs were supposed to throw of line sensors, but did not work. Only made me look cool...


As usual, one of my ideas were good: my spatula got under the other robot every time. However, using four parallax 360 servos as dc motors did not give me enough power. I realized this too late to change anything. I configured them so the back tires were closer together than the front tires, allowing faster turns. The front tires only touched once the spatula lifted to give me extra pushing power. If only I were willing to drop a few hundred on two REAL motors and a REAL battery ;)


That being said, I want to move past scrap builds. I am considering buying a MakiBox to build with, instead of using PVC sheet, cardboard, and paper for everything. I don't have access to a wide amount of tools to machine the above with either.


Finally, a special thank you goes to the friend that helped me name this thing!

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Your main image is not showing on the front page - did you upload a BMP? If so, please edit and use .jpg, .png or similar web format. Thanks :)

First time something like this has happened to me. I can upload the image, but the image will not show (at first I thought it was just my computer). I have tried JPEG and PNG (3.62 mb). I attached the main image below if you are able to attach it or tell me what I am doing wrong. Otherwise I will try again in a few days. Thank you!