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DAGU Robot Arm with Roboduino Control through keyboard


It is the Same DAGU arm in the prevous posts, but the controller is now different. The controller board is Roboduino (http://www.emartee.com/product/41952/Roboduino%20With%20Atmega328%20(Freeduino)) with atmega8 processor. 

the picture below shows the connections:

- key board is connected to digital pins 2 and 9

-the 6 arm servos are connected to digital pins 3 - 8



the processor i used is atmega8 since it was enough for the application and easier to program in my computer.

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I think that Arduino IDE is C++ based. if you dont use Atmel processors you can use PIC processors with MikroC compiler (http://www.mikroe.com/eng/products/view/7/mikroc-pro-for-pic/). However, the program will be abit more complicated.

yes it is switch-case. I used the ps2 keyboard library for arduino PS2Keyboard_014A can download at: http://arduino.cc/playground/uploads/Main/PS2Keyboard_014A.zip

the implementaion require hardware Interupt (digital pin 2). no need for Enter...


you used C++??

well done bro, can you give us a hint as to how you did it, I have tried using processing but its been complicated!

how do you issue the commands?(via switch case ofcourse)

but you dont have you input "Enter"?