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doorSTOP symet

Small Robot Pet twitches about as it digests light

This is doorSTOP...he is a BEAMbot symet. In fact, doorSTOP is my first BEAMbot, inspired by BEAM Guru, Tilden. His rubber feet came from doorstop bumpers. That's how he got his name.  His diffuser lid makes him a bit top heavy so as to insure good movement as he twitches away. He thrives on all sources of light. His little dc motor runs direct from his solar circuit via the current delivered by his capacitors.  This basic solar engine is too cool.  Solarbotics.com has a bunch of bundles and kits to choose from.  There's plenty of secondary research available on the web.  Just search for BEAM Robotics and enjoy.

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Junkin' for BEAM parts is half the fun.  Watch out for those capacitors, though.  There's nothing more rewarding than finishing a bug bot, putting it down and watching it come to life.  Have fun BEAMING with your kid.  Thanks for the comment.

Love it. I'm collecting some parts for a BEAM robot or two to build with my son. They are just so fun.