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Double LED BEAM Pummer!

This is my first Pummer I have successfully build and I am pleased with the work. It is a simple two LED pummer. Took me nearly 10 hours to complete due to the fact that I'm still lacking the skill to read schematics, proper soldering, and proper material(the wires I'm using are extremely stiff so it's hard to move it around). The flower(rose) was made of plastic container and the housing is a hold camera battery holder. I ended up just tossing everything inside. My future goal is to make it so I don't need to use batterys. Still trying to figure out how to sub the battery for a large maybe two large 1F capacitor. At that point I'll swap out the single mini solar panel for a two large so I can charge the capacitor faster. Let me know what you think or imrpovement I can make!