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easy-made manipulator

pick some small objects

well, it's my first manipulator. ist's nothing special, but it's better than everything i did with this metal contruction box i have. it would be great, when there is someone who wants to help me, so i can control it from my pc, but you have to know ,that i'm totally new in this stuff(but i work hard to improve myself). i work on a new project wich shoud be ready after some months, but i'll probably make a video before that. so, enjoy!


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you should enter the write LMR challenge

Its not lame. I like all the strings and moving parts. Two Thumbs up!!!

I'm impressed by your robot arm, little_spiro. In fact, I'm so impressed, I'm going to tinker with my own design. The arm's design is radically simple, even if it LOOKS complicated. Considering the fact that you know about as much about electronics as I do, that's a dang good design. I have been looking into robot arm design for a while though because I've been wanting to build my own. So from a design perspective, I'm a little better off (Thank you Gordon McComb!) Since I'm going to be using a different metal stock, I'll mount my servos at the base of the arm to cut down on unnecessary weight. By all means, please try the idea! If you used it in an arm similar to the one in your video, you would nearly double its speed and power.


I have also noticed that at least one or two people in the blog have been asking you for more detailed specifications or even a howto. Don't bother, little_spiro. If these cats are not able to get enough inspiration and insight to start tinkering from sitting down and watching your video, you really don't need to waste your time on more than a few technicial questions.


And no, I'm not talkin' down to the rest of you on the post. I'm just sayin' that you've got it in you to build the arm better and stronger than the original. little_spiro did his job. He inspired us. Let's kick some ass!

hi guys! i wanted to make a new control box for my robot, but i'm done only with the half of it. that's for the fingers(up/down) and the base(left/right). any ideas how to make the second part? i need 2 up/down sticks for motor "2" and motor "3"..
Dude that is soo NOT lame!! BTW - what is the tune inthe video? I know somone who would be extremely irritated by it.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Food - that's all i know now, because i have a lot of stuff from them and i'm not sure which track is it, but they are all good. tell your friend he shoud dl the discography! ;)
I have somewhere to lay such a designer :) will try to assemble such a robot :) Mp3
it's easy and low-cost, so do it. i'm sure you can make some improvements. the hand(how is the english word - gripper?) for example. it's too slow and unsteady. the base isn't the best too. but it's probably the best for the price. try it. it's fun for couple of hours ;p

We don't see enough Meccano around here.

Let's work on an RS-232 motor controller. 

Uhuuu! well, that's what i was waiting for! shoud i buy new servos WITH electronics, or it's ok without too..?