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Roams around, avoids obstacles with ultrasound and ir

This is propably fourth or fitfh evolution version of my first finished and working robot ever built.

It has Oopic-R controller as brains, 2 cont.rot. modified servos as drive system, 2 SRF04 sonars as obstacle detectors and 1 GP2D12 Ir-sensor to see edges of tables and such. And also lcd-display to help debugging.

It serves as generic testing platform for new hardware and new algorithm ideas. Nowdays i'm more of a arduino-fan but oopic is also nice board.


Side view:

side view

Top view:

Top view

 Front (bit blurry):



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complex design! very well organized and structured!!

looking for the video  ;)

I'll try to get video soon uploaded. I was just inspecting the bot and noted that one of the sonar wires ripped off :( (bad soldering).

Got to fix that one first.


Edit: Video added!

Can't beat plexaglass. I do the same. I am curious. I just got an OPPIC processor and motor drive at a good piice. It is an OOpic Version 1.A7 processor board. It looks like a nice setup but know nothing about OOPIC. Is it worth learning? It is an older one I know mabe 1999 but in new condition. Any imfo concerning OOPIC from anyone would be appreciatted or it will go back to Ebay.
is a object-based programming language.  its reccomended by electronics 4 dummies

It looks more or less like Lexan/Polycarbonate, because of that bent piece of whatever that is that is attached to the sharp IR sensor. I suppose it could be plexiglass though. Do you have any experience with lexan though?

Hey! mine has the same ON/OFF button :D
where did you get the plastic base? i'm looking for cheap blue plastic sheet.
That is called Lexan or polycarbonate sheet. Unlike acrylic, it is much stronger and does not crack. It is also easier to machine. It also comes in many colors.

It is acrylic, got it from local hardware-store here in finland.

Bottom one is 4mm thick and top plate is 2mm.

a dark blue 3' by 4' sheet?