Let's Make Robots!


Navigates around via ultrasound on water

This is my first robot, I started with a boat made out of isolation foam, witch floats really well!

The 'Brain' is a Picaxe 28x1 project board and I got the motor + propeller from a broken RC plane. The rudder is simply a cut piece of metal sheet and it has 8 AA batteries.



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Is it suppose to make such small circles?

not really, we need to adapt the programme still

Ah ok, I was just wondering if the water had anything to do with getting back "bad" readings from the sensor.

Not much to bump into in the pool but it seems to handle itself very well. Is there some form of keel on the boat?
I love to make one but more like a mechanical rowing boat. That would be fun.

yeah, I have since posted a photo, it's a bit of metal sheet

this is nice... :) Love everything thats things and doesn't go only on a table or outdoor on flat road... love something that flies or swims :D great work :D

That's a floating start here bot! Awesome!

Hey I like your roboat,good idea my friend. Thanks for posting :-)

Very nice! Reminded me time when I was child, we used to build little boats from the foam :D

Brilliant! This is one project I always wanted to do.. and now I wont have to :D

Cool done!!