Let's Make Robots!


Navigates around via ultrasound on water

This is my first robot, I started with a boat made out of isolation foam, witch floats really well!

The 'Brain' is a Picaxe 28x1 project board and I got the motor + propeller from a broken RC plane. The rudder is simply a cut piece of metal sheet and it has 8 AA batteries.



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Well, well, well..that's a cool boat. I did start to build boats with and without motor in the age of 5 i guess...hoho..that's a long time ago.

I wonder how it's balanced since this huge battery pack is pretty heavy on starboard

Edit: Just saw the video...two battery packs make more sense ;-)

fantastic project :)

but aren't you afraid that a wave would wet the electronics ? have you considered some kind of sealing? :)

hey! very nice! ^_^

interesting the materials used to make it!.. but isn't the sensor too much oriented to the right?

Brilliant! This is one project I always wanted to do.. and now I wont have to :D

Cool done!!

Very nice! Reminded me time when I was child, we used to build little boats from the foam :D

Hey I like your roboat,good idea my friend. Thanks for posting :-)

That's a floating start here bot! Awesome!

this is nice... :) Love everything thats things and doesn't go only on a table or outdoor on flat road... love something that flies or swims :D great work :D

Not much to bump into in the pool but it seems to handle itself very well. Is there some form of keel on the boat?
I love to make one but more like a mechanical rowing boat. That would be fun.

yeah, I have since posted a photo, it's a bit of metal sheet