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Fractal - Beetleweight combat robot

Robot sumo/Combat

This robot built between 2010-11 is designed to compete in the 3lb combat robot weight-class.

It is very fast and agile, and can climb over objects using both it's tracks and the arm which can rotate 360degrees around its body.





















Here's a labelled diagram of the robot:

labelled diagram of 'Fractal' robot


Here's an image of the first build (circa December 2010) with 11.1v Li-Po and cheap (eBay) 15kg-cm torque modified servo

early picture of 'Fractal'


And finally an image with the top cover (carbon fibre) on:

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bigger. But I guess there's nothing else in the pics or video to compare scale. I only realised this when I looked up os bots for the treads. They say they are only 5 inches long. Nice bot, have you thought of putting a turret on it and making it autonomous?

Quite strangely the only picture I've got on this computer with a scaling object is with a gutted cordless drill.. of course this is only useful if you know how big they are:

Making it autonomous is certainly on my to-do list (my only other experience with autonomous machines has been the 'Cybot' of the 'Real Robots' magazine many years ago) but it will have to wait a little while for other projects and university!

You have made a very good robot. It looks very nice and it seems that it´s easy to control (or you are very good with the joystick :))

Good luck in the competition.

Please post more than a photo. Aside from video it would be nice to show some photos of the robot during construction / repair so we can see your workmanship.

More information about what parts you used and why / how you chose them would also be helpful to the beginners on this site.

I've attempted to post additional pictures but can't seem to find a method other than through 'attachments' - should I be adding pictures embedded in comments? Thanks!

hello there! if you want to add pictures, you can edit it and post the pictures using the "insert/edit image" button on the editing page.

Thank you for the tip, got there in the end! 

You don't see very many combat robots on LMR.

I like it. It looks real beefy!

It would be cool to see it destroying something!

looks hard core ,some details and a few pic's would be nice

No actually, DC motors with 38:1 gearboxes: http://banebots.com/pc/MS-16XXX-050/MS-16038-050

Here's a very old video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi_tZdKFg3A&feature=player_embedded this was back when it was at 11.1V and with a very cheap servo, it now performs much better so I ought to do another video soon