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freddy alpha

the same as the tutorial-first-robot

okay folks,

i fell in love with the TYDM from fritsl, the version II ist so amazing, i simply wanted to build one myself. so i started wit the tutorial (thanks fritsl, your tutorials and tricks are really helpful!). only problem: it's not very easy to get the right parts here in germany, so i ordered some stuff in the uk (which was delivered VERY fast), some stuff at solarbotics (est. end of july :) and some other parts from italy. but i didn't want to wait for the delivery, so i went shopping and bought the 'essential' parts from a local dealer.there was no geared motor, so i bought two 'vario' transmissions that can be adjusted. and some really big wheels (the biggest i found!). and then i started. everything is mounted on a fat paperboard. the balance is not optimal bu it'll do for now. the next days i'll mount some led's and maybe an old speaker if i find one. maybe i'll visit my parents on weekend and will have a look ath the big LEGO-box, that stuff could be quite useful...





bottom with vario transmission

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Fricken Awesome!

Balance not optimal? Bah ! - The run and shake definately add to the character.  Very impressed. Unique use of network ties too.

The gear box looks like it worked out nicely for you - do you have a link?  Great Project!


can u take a closer picture up close of behind the robot (the sonars back and top of microcontroller)


Wow, an android on steroids! Can we please have a link for the gears and motor and tyres?

I think you will get a serious laugh if you add another battery - I am already amazed over the power you get out of 3 volts! ( 3 * 1.5 = 4.5 then motor driver takes 1.5 = 3)

Nice robot, I like it :)

If you place the battery holder it little more to the back of the robot, the balance will be better.

Check out my robots - http://letsmakerobots.com/user/319/robots

thanks for the positive response :)

so, here is the shopping list:

the picaxe 28x1, motor driver, SRF005 were from techsupplies.co.uk
the other stuff is from a local store of conrad.de
conrad is available in other countries too:

i used:
2 x 240788 - vario transmission with motor - 7,10 € each
1 x 227804 - 1:10 Buggy Wheels (2 in set) - 9,95 €
1 x 230500 - top-line mini-servo es-05 jr - 4,95 €

you can use the the article code, it's identical for every country

for this robot i set the transmission to 125:1, but the motors don't run at the same speed, and freddy alpha moves in slight corners instead of straight ahead...

the battery box has two holes in it which i used to fix it at the transmission boxes with som screws, so i can't place it freely and have to live with the bumpy balance point for now, but enhancements are still in progress :)


äääähm, ich muss weg....

hehe amazing, looking great, i like how it moves :)
Hey - when do we get new videos of this one? With more battery power! :D

hey fritsl,

new videos are coming, promised. but before i can spend some time on freddy. some other things have to be done :(

maybe in 8-10 days - so i hope ...

 'til then - keep on rocking



äääähm, ich muss weg....