Let's Make Robots!


Crawls towards the brightest light source

Bored one Saturday, waiting on components for a new Motor Driver for the MicroCore - I decided to 'hack' together a clone/version of Wilf Rigter's uCrawler. I say 'Hack' because if you look close you may be able to tell that I've cobbled together some resistor and capacitor values from smaller values :) Surprisingly it works, although it does have traction problems getting purchase with the feet (I was aware of this limitation in the design however). 


All in all I was rather happy with the result as it does exactly what was expected.  Still 'tweaking' it since I feel the timing of each step is too fast but I always 'tweak' - even finish projects ...


Little Miss LMR (My 4yr Old) gives it a 2 Thumbs Up.


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Very nice. Can this type of robot be made with only two batteries (total of 3 volts)?

Thanks - and yes, I have found that floppy / cd/dvd drive bay covers are just perfect for a small bot chassis.

Very cool! Are you using a floppy drive bay panel for the chassis?