Let's Make Robots!


Basic robot for testing code and sensors

Generic experimental Arduino Robot



     I put this together one or two years ago and have been fiddling with it ever since. The version in the picture lets me control it using a Wii-controller connected to flowstone running on my PC. For most of its life it had a breadboard where the Arduino is.

I made this plug in resonator to simplify using a atmega8 on a breadboard.



     I mounted a 16 pin socket to a small proto-board to use as a patch panel. The underside has 3-pin headers for the servos. It also has separate switches for the processor and the servo power.


     The body is foamcore that was cut using my homemade 3-axis machine (it is mostly wood so I cant bring myself to call it a Mill). The CR servos I picked up years ago at the Trinity fire fighting contest. The wheels and micro-servo are from Solarbotics. The Arduino and xbee-shield where gifts. The ping sensor and remaining electronics are from radioshack.


     I didn't post the code because its so badly written even I won't use it again.  After I learn some of the new serial comm librarys I will write some more streamlined code.







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Now why doesn't anyone ever give me an Arduino and Xbee shield? ;)

Looks pretty cool, show it in action sometimes?