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Geronimo - Simple robot that navigates around

Navigate around with ultrasound

My first robot is “Geronimo” and it is a simple autonomous robot with an ultrasonic sensor for obstacles avoindance.
This robot can be built by a newbie of robotics.

The robot, very basic and simple, goes straight and verifies if there are obstacles. If it found some obstacle, it turns the ‘head’ and sees at the right and at the left in order to verify where the street is more free. Then it goes where the street is more free. Nothing of special, but it was my first robot!

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Looks good!

I think, that if you have the servo turn a bit slower, it will be more accurate in it's readings, making less false turns

Do you know a method to control the servos speed? interesting!

Yeah a for loop works. This is just a little example I wrote for you. It will show you how to slow the servo so you can write something similar for your bot.


void loop(){

servo.write(0);  //move the servo to the angle 0

delay(700);      // wait for the servo to move to angle 0

for( int x=0; x<=180; x++){   // This will loop 180 times

servo.write(x);            //set the servo to angle x

delay(10); // play with this delay value that will slow the servo



Thanks, but I already use this program structure (http://robottini.altervista.org/robot-with-obstacle-avoidances/)


 for (ang=0; ang<180; ang +=5) // obstacles control
              uservo.write(ang); // set ultrasonic sensor on ang value
              urm.requestMeasurement(DISTANCE); //ask for new reading




do you have some type of motor controller?

No motor controller. The servos are wired directly with arduino. The power is done by 5x1.2V batteries.