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Cut Grass

It is a RC lawn mower project that I just finished. I used it once t(here is a link to the video on my web site), and blew up the cutter motor. The one I bought apparently was to small. I used solidworks and cosmos to design it, once again there is info on my web site. I am working on getting a microprocessor so I can make her a real robot. I am also looking for a good cutter motor if any one has any suggestions. I would rather stay away from gas just becuase I want it to be fully electric. It currently has 2 wheel chair motors to drive it and a deep cycle SLA for power. I am using a Sabertooth 2x25 motor driver and the thing is awsome.


Web site: http://myweb.wit.edu/ricardij/

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Everytime I log on here I am never denied amazement...this is is just awesome. Wow, dude...you are really Lazy hahahahha...just kidding :) Great idea and execution...loved it.

is it possible to make it autonomous, trajerctory with sabertooth by attaching it with a computer ?

This is an AWSOME bot! I can't wait to see it when you have it autonomous.


BTW... BaseOverApex - if I changed my name to ArseOverTits we'd have both sides of the pond covered!! Were you able to download a CAD package? If you have Corel Draw, that works extremely well and Google's Sketchup is quite nice and easy to learn as well. I believe it has some add-on modules to allow the export of DFX, DWG and such.

Yes. it's a matter of finding the time too learn it. Do you want me to change your name to AoT? Just say the word. 

What algorithm did you use to make sure the whole floor is covered?

Lawn Bah !

Epicjr77 has obviously found a much better way to clean the house.  Just think of the space saving capabilities it has to offer...  For example, clothes on the floor? - not enough closet room? No problem - turn that pile of clothes into a new shag carpet.

Mice? Annoying pets? not a problem.


I sure it even works with annoying little brothers/ sisters!  hahaha

You know, grog... It kinda scares me that you know how to build robots ;-).

When humanity is eventually enslaved by robots I'm sure you will be the one to blame :-D

- Jimmy

Hehehe, the mark of a good robotics video is ending with the words, "oh, shit" and then a quick cut. Also ideally fire.

Project looks good. My lawn is getting alarmingly high, I've been grumbling about how I'm gonna have to spend money on a lawn mower. It's tempting to just build a robotic one instead, but by the time I finished it, my lawn would be taller than my house :)


yes I have another video that ends in fire, I smoked the cutter motor. It is a lot of work but this is my first robot plus I am a slow learner. This project shoud be done by july, I am going to use a reel cutter so I dont have to budge for a nother cutter motor. I love the way it sounds but I am afriad of that blade comming at me.