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Appears when movement is detected. Stays a while. Disappears when nothing happens anymore.

While working on my first robot I ran into this problem. So I decided to make a quick second one just to keep me in the flow with all that new robotic-topics to learn. Inspired by an art installation I created the Gwünderer. This bot hangs on the wall inside a frame and shows up as soon as somebody passes by. Gwünderä stands for being curious about something. It is a Swiss dialect word. I thought it is a good match to what is the purpose of life of this little robot.



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Ooh! Thats Awesome! Its very vute as well, what microcontroller did you use? And welcome to LMR! :D

i mean 


Thank you for your comment. My first posting on LMR.

I used an Arduino Uno R3.

hahaha, very cool, welcome to LMR!


Top arty shit!!