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heavy duty beam ant

light seeking,chaos,against obstacle
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the beam ant v1 is a bare bone version.I use very sensitive photo diodes to make the bridge.it show some unbelievable behaviors.

the v2 is a heavy duty building.I have to stack four 74HC240 for full control.hard to imagine a real machine running in the room...I made it and it is so cool.the video has not show the light seeking behavior,sorry.

2010.9.6 edit:add new vidoe of ant v2.it has a name MX2.


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Hi,I got the ideas from Mark W. Tilden's beam ant.http://www.beam-online.com/Robots/Circuits/beamant.html
the sch looks a bit hard to free form.I only keep the photo core in the v1 as first try.the v1 was not include bicore and reverse function.
when v1 was finished,I am really like it and I am glad to take more time to build the completed v2.I design the body and use high twist motors.the R/C value was bend for this mechanism.
by the way,I like your LM324 bot,it is a good analog design.